Take back control
of your energy

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Energy is more than just electrical supply.

We not only supply reliable energy, but also take away a lot of the hassle around it, allowing you to focus on what really matters.
This gives you the breathing space to work on the future of your business.

Make your business independent from the grid.

Having a forward-thinking energy strategy is about much more than the right light bulbs.

It is an investment into the future of your business , saving you money, making your business more socially responsible and strengthening your competitive advantage.
Restore peace, space and independence to your business.

/ Kioz provides:


Energy security

100% certainty around energy supply through local energy production and storage.


Price certainty

A low, stable energy tariff for the long term.


100% green energy

Comply with all new, and yet to be drafted, legislation.


Maximum energy independence

Gain maximum energy independence when it comes to electricity, mobility, cooling and heating.


Project titel 4

“Dankzij KIOZ is mijn bedrijf niet alleen zelfvoorzienend in energie, maar ook toekomstgericht. De zon straalt nu niet alleen op mijn gewassen, maar ook op mijn energierekening.”