Choose energy independence.

Efficient energy management is essential for making sound long-term business decisions. At Kioz, we strive to empower everyone to do business with complete freedom and happiness, without being dependent on the grid and all the unpredictability that comes with it.


Energy production

Transform your business premises into your very own energy farm, i.e. your personal power plant, and make your square footage even more profitable.

  • Every surface is a potential energy generator
  • Guaranteed electricity supply
  • Combination of custom solar panels and inverters
  • Your own electrical cabinet
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Maintenance included, profitability assured

On-site energy storage

We store excess energy in batteries, allowing you to get the most out of your own energy , day or night, come rain or shine – all year round.

  • Local storage
  • No matter the weather
  • Maintenance included, profitability assured

Energy optimization

If your network produces an energy surplus, we will actively seek out other businesses that need green energy.

  • Optimize your own energy
  • Help make other businesses more sustainable

Focus on the future

From now on, you can start generating and consuming your own, locally produced energy. To make the most of this new freedom, we are working on a solution to transfer excess capacity to other local energy carriers, such as hydrogen.

  • Long-term hydrogen storage thanks to our patented technology
  • Multifunctional use:
    • Electricity and heat production
    • Mobility
    • H2 trading
    • Green fertiliser

No-cost energy independence

Kioz brings together entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the energy sector to form a balanced ecosystem. We shoulder the major investments, including solar panels, inverters and batteries. We also take care of daily monitoring and preventive maintenance, including renewal when necessary, to ensure maximum yield. So you can enjoy the promise of stable, low energy prices for a minimum of 25 years, and barely need to invest yourself.

Kioz supplies more than just electricity. We also remove all the hassle around it, which gives you the breathing space to focus on the things that really matter. As a result, you can recharge your own batteries and go full steam ahead into the future.